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NAILZ by Jaxx will be open from Monday 18th May. The hours will be limited and at this stage. ONLINE BOOKING WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE CURRENTLY - ALL BOOKINGS NEED TO MADE THROUGH ME DIRECT - PH/TXT: 0275199854

* PPE is a requirement in our industry, I will have to wear gloves, mask and a face shield.
* As a customer you will be required to wear a face mask - if you have one you can bring it with you or I can supply one at a cost of $1.00 (A one use disposable mask).
* I will only be having one person in the salon at any one time, no children will be allowed in during this time. 
* You will be required to wash your hands prior to entering the nail room and then as per usual normal hygiene standards will apply.
* We have been advised to remove all magazines/drink bottles etc - you are welcome to bring your own drink bottle/coffee, but all your rubbish must be taken with you. No food will be allowed on the premises. 
*Please do not touch anything unnecessary, this includes leaving your hand bags in the car. Please only bring in your wallet. While at the nail table you will not be able to touch anything once we double cleanse and sanitize and start, this INCLUDES your mobile phones. 
•No cash will be accepted will have contactless payWave or Internet Banking. 
* Whilst in this level, toilets will be closed to clients PLEASE make sure you have used toilets before you arrive to your appointments.
* After every client, there will be a break so that I can wipe down every surface once you leave.
*If You are sick in any way, covid or not DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. I will be extra tough on sicknesses from this point on. No colds, no sore tummies ect if, you enter looking unwell I will refuse service.
If you can respect these rules in the interim, then we can hopefully go to level 1 sooner rather than later.

Hi my name is Jackie, but also am called Jaxx, I am a qualified Nail Tech. I work from home and live in Rotorua New Zealand, and do Manicures, Gel polish, and Build me Up (hard gel) extensions.  If you are wanting to grow out your nails, or they are weak, I also offer  GMS (Give me Strength) which is a strengthening system. You can book online for most services, except for Build Me Up Extensions, please contact me on 0275199854 or email:

I am very strict with hygiene and all regular clients, have their own set of files. I am also a member of PNTA Professional Nail Technicians Association Aus/NZ.

I only use professional products 'Magpie Beauty’ which is sold to only certified nail techs, is is also vegan and cruelty free. I have an Emendee table, which is great for both you and I, it means we are not inhaling the dust and odours as the fan removes 99% dust removal and better than 68% odour removal from the salon. 

You can book online for everything apart from Build me Up Extensions, please ph or txt me to make a booking for those on 0275299854

Find Opening Hours Below

OPENING HOURS:                                                                        ADDRESS:

Monday:           Closed                                                                        Pegasus Drive

Tuesday:           12.00pm - 8.00pm                                                   Westbrook

Wednesday:     11.00am - 6.00pm                                                   Rotoura 

Thursday:          12.00pm - 8.00pm                                           

Friday:                11.00am - 6.00pm

Saturday:         By Appointment only 

Sunday:           Closed